Bill Lindenmuth

Fighting economic ignorance has been my passion for 30+ years. As a business owner and mortgage broker, I was shocked by the general public’s unfamiliarity with basic economic principles. Economics education was always my focus when helping my clients. For more than two decades (1983 – 2005), I served as the mortgage expert and as a regular guest on "Money Talk," a radio talk show in North Carolina that educated the public regarding financial matters.

Upon further investigation, I learned that very few high schools teach economic theory. I set out to make a difference, starting with my children's school. I volunteered to teach micro- and macroeconomics. I ended up teaching there for nine years.

In the wider community I coached the middle school and varsity golf teams at Cresset Christian Academy, and served as chairperson of Fletcher's Chapel United Methodist Church as well as on the board of directors at the Durham Chamber of Commerce. In 1999 the chamber recognized me as Microbusiness Person of the Year, after being runner-up in 1998.

Now, through Higher Rock Education, I look forward to making a difference in the lives of students beyond my local community. In partnership with my daughter, I am taking my mission to the world. It is indeed one of my greatest blessings to be able to work with my daughter in building a business to serve a need for which I have such great passion. But all my efforts would be impossible without the continuous support and love of my wife, Sandra.