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The seed for Higher Rock Education was planted in 1978 when I took my first teaching job at the Gow School, a private boarding school for dyslexic boys in upstate New York. The administration gave me the opportunity to teach high school economic theory. Students relished the pertinence of economics and savored the application to the real world.

As a mortgage broker for thirty years I helped customers secure the best mortgages to achieve their financial objectives. In counseling clients I was struck with the economic ignorance of our population, and discovered that economic theory is not offered in most high schools. My passion grew. I believe that economic theory should be required to graduate! My children were certainly going to take an economics course! At the time they were attending Cresset Christian Academy in Durham, North Carolina. I am forever thankful to the administration for giving me the opportunity to start an economics program at Cresset. The experience fueled my passion and commitment to furthering the education of economic theory.

I broadened my efforts in disseminating economics education by participating for several years on "Money Talk," a weekly radio show in North Carolina. Listeners frequently would tell us that they wished economics had been offered to their children in high school. During this period my Christian faith matured. I became even more committed to Christian education, and to the importance of including Scripture in the classroom. Economics or business education without a Christian foundation could send the wrong message!

I am thrilled that my daughter shares my passion. The internet has provided a powerful tool to take our passion worldwide.Together in January 2011 we chose to launch Higher Rock Education after research confirmed that most schools still do not offer economic theory. Our goal is to provide supplemental material to assist students, teachers, homeschoolers, and schools in learning or teaching economics.

Bill Lindenmuth
  • Students enjoy the funny videos and interactive exercises. The articles provide relevance to economics.
  • Teachers benefit from being able to supplement the material they are already offering with engaging lessons.
  • Home School Teachers appreciate the structure and guidance provided in the lessons. They also value the inclusion of relevant Scripture lessons.
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