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We would like to recognize and thank the following individuals who have supported our mission and provided helpful insights in editing our lessons and launching Higher Rock Education.

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Ricky Mill
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Jeff Philips
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Walker Lambe Rhudy Costley & Gill, PLLC
Stark Law Group

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Nicole Higgins
Sandra Lindenmuth
Brian Scott
Kevin Seifert
Danny Semelsberger
Staley Sharples
Blake Smith
Peter Taflan
Kang Wang

Our Actors

Chris Anderle
David Bramlett
Kristen Burch
Natalie Burch
Sadie Carpenter
Kurt Cassamajor
Makaila Cassamajor
Ebony Cole-Bryant
Daniela Copra Perez
Jerry Davis
Chuck Fletcher
Corey Fletcher
Liz Fletcher
Pat Fletcher
Trey Fletcher
Maggie Fox
Hunter Gentry
Julia Grenon
CC Griffith
Heidi Giusto
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Darren Hickerson
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Tommy Johnson
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Robin Kendall
Todd Lindenmuth
Vern Parsons
Eric Paulsen
Brad Peltier
Ben Quinn
Caleb Ridings
Luke Russ
Holly Shankin
Julia Shankin
Madison Shankin
Mimi Shankin
Chris Sorrell
Hannah Linn Stephens
Shannon Strayhorn
Michael Strong
Vanina Wekam
Victoria Whitley
Beth Yakaboski

Cresset Christian Academy Economics Class

Andrew Billingsley
Sadie Carpenter
Peter Jeffs
Joseph Lin
Stephen Miller
Jake Russell
Victoria Whitley

  • Students enjoy the funny videos and interactive exercises. The articles provide relevance to economics.
  • Teachers benefit from being able to supplement the material they are already offering with engaging lessons.
  • Home School Teachers appreciate the structure and guidance provided in the lessons. They also value the inclusion of relevant Scripture lessons.
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