Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I obtain lessons?

    The Library:

    Your library will contain all your lessons, homework exercises, quizzes, and tests.  Teachers provide their students the lessons they need for their class.  You must create an account to have material downloaded to your library, even if you choose the free trial subscription.  This is because we need to know where to send the lessons!

    Your library is automatically created when you subscribe, or when you accept a teacher’s invitation to join a class.  Members of a class will see the lessons specified by their teacher in their class.  Independent students, those who have not been invited by a teacher, may set up a library and acquire lessons from our curriculum.  Students invited by a teacher must access the lessons their teacher assigns in their classroom.  The only lessons that will appear in the library of a student invited by a teacher are lessons that have been acquired independently.

    Just double click on the lesson to open and begin learning!

  • How do I set up my classroom?

    The Classroom:

    All lessons and assignments are handed out in the classroom. Teachers and homeschool parents wishing to share the lessons with students need to set up a classroom.  Setting up a classroom requires: naming the classroom, inviting your students to join your class, importing the material you want to use from you library, and handing out the lessons and assignments.  There is no restriction on the number of classes you can create under either the trial or full subscription.  (With the trial subscription you are limited to three lessons and one homework assignment.  With a full subscription you there is no restriction on the number of lessons you may send to students.  Homework, quizzes, and tests with automated grading may be purchased for a nominal fee.)  You are not limited in the number of students attending a class either.

    Steps to Set Up Your Classroom and Inviting Students:

    1. Go to your library.
    2. Click on Classrooms on the main menu.
    3. Click on Create Classroom
    4. Follow the instructions to
      1. Name the class and click Add Class
      2. Click Add Curriculum from Library
        1. i.      Check all the boxes next to the lessons you want to share
        2. ii.      Click Update Class Curriculum
      3. Identify the students you want added to the class by clicking Invite Students
      4. Complete the invitation to your students
        1. i.      Type the email addresses of your students separated by a comma.
        2. ii.      Subject is the subject of the email you want to send to the students.
        3. iii.      Message is the message received by your students.  We suggest including in your message a welcome to the class.  Also let them know that they should accept the invitation.  They will then be prompted to complete some personal information.
    • Students enjoy the funny videos and interactive exercises. The articles provide relevance to economics.
    • Teachers benefit from being able to supplement the material they are already offering with engaging lessons.
    • Home School Teachers appreciate the structure and guidance provided in the lessons. They also value the inclusion of relevant Scripture lessons.
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