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Wednesday, August 10, 2016
I have recently been searching the web for some interesting sites focused on saving people money. Here are some that caught my attention. Please comment if you have had a good or bad experience with any of these.

GasBuddy.com - While writing Who Really Pays an Excise Tax I discovered an interesting website providing the average price per gallon of gasoline throughout the United States and Canada. Before filling up on your next family vacation, you may want to check GasBuddy to see if you would benefit by waiting until you reach the next town or state to fill up. Bankrate also offers another excellent blog, Gas Prices to assist in reducing gas consumption. Drive safely!

Rent The Runway - I wish this site had been available when my daughter attended proms. I could never understand why she needed a new dress every year – but my bride assured me that people would actually remember what she had worn the year before! (I can't even remember what I wore yesterday!) This site allows women to rent a formal dress.

StubHub – I confess. I am not the greatest of planners. There have been many occasions when I have forgotten I have tickets to an event and accidentally committed to doing something else. In the past I have had to give my tickets away (if I could find someone to accept them at the last minute). Now I use Stub Hub to sell my "unused" tickets and purchase tickets for events when I am travelling. I have been pleased by the price I have received and their system is easy to use and very efficient.

FreeCycle.org – I have not used FreeCycle, but will probably do so in the near future. My wife and I are close to "downsizing". Our children do not want most of our stuff. The thought of throwing much of it away when it still has some useful life bothers me. I love the concept of recycling rather than discarding those items we will not take with us. FreeCycle provides the means to do just that by connecting people who want to discard items with those who need them.

Undebt.it – For many, debt is a large monthly expense. Reducing debt is a very effective way to save over the long-run. Undebt.it provides two payment plans with its free mobile friendly app. One is the Snowball Plan which pays off the loans with the lowest balance first and progresses to the higher balance. This usually pays off debt the fastest when the payer is disciplined enough to make the same payment each month, even after paying off a loan. Future payments are used to prepay other debts. The second is the Debt Avalanche which pays off loans with the highest interest rates first.

GoodRx – Prescription drugs are expensive. GoodRx provides cost comparisons for drug stores in your area. Discount coupons are also provided. Patients are also able to identify the drugs commonly used to treat an illness and the cost of those drugs. This enables them to ask their doctor whether or not it would make sense to substitute a less expensive drug for the prescribed drug.

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