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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Higher Rock Education Launches Free Online Introductory Economics Course

Eight comprehensive economic lessons thoughtfully designed to allow students to gain insights that help them become wiser consumers, better stewards of their money and more savvy in understanding global economic issues. 

Those are some of the basic principles that students will gain with Higher Rock Education’s initial launched course – Economic Principles: What Every Student Should Know

Students will gain: 1) an appreciation of our blessings by evaluating how a scarcity of resources influences our lives, 2) how personal and national decisions should be made by understanding cost-benefit analysis, sunk costs, and marginal analysis, and 3) an insight into who decides what is produced, who produces goods and services, and how they are distributed. 

All of Higher Rock Education’s material is free and provides students and teachers resources to supplement their education in economics. 

The lessons included in Economic Principles: What Every Student Should Know are constructed from eight of a collective 36 comprehensive lessons offered by Higher Rock Education. Along with the lessons, students can get detailed definitions for terms of more than 350 terms in the glossary and track a blog filled with economic insights and personal stories.  

All lessons in Economic Principles: What Every Student Should Know are complemented by real-world economic examples with news-related content, interactive exercises, along with videos that are enjoyable and informative. The review questions include detailed explanations to assist students with their understanding of the material. Lastly, the course includes a 50-question, timed test that combines the material from the eight lessons. The score provides instant feedback.

Too often economics courses ignore God’s role in our economy. We frequently ignore God’s will in our daily lives. Some of us may say, “God will provide,” or “God is in control,” but we neglect to ask how God wants us to behave at our jobs or in managing our resources. All our lessons are accompanied by a related scripture lesson because God has called us to manage His gifts, and economics is the study of how to best manage those gifts. 

Higher Rock Education’s mission is to provide a unique solution in economics education to students, schools, teachers, and homeschoolers that is easily accessible and relevant. Our internet-based curriculum is designed to be interactive and flexible, giving students the ability to work at their own pace in whatever setting they choose. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Higher Rock Education. 


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