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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Many companies are committed to spreading Internet access globally. Google's mission is, "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". (Google' Mission) One reason is the belief that fostering communication between nations builds lasting healthy relationships that also lifts the third world economies. Higher Rock Education and Learning joins them by offering free lessons in economic theory. Everyone should have a basic understanding of economics, including missionaries and schools in remote areas with very limited budgets. We are equally committed to integrating Biblical teaching into our lessons because we believe that market economies governed by Christian principles provide the best solution to build mutual understanding and respect, while improving the economic well-being of all nations.

Each lesson includes:

  • Text
  • Interactive Exercises
  • At least one video
  • Review Questions
  • Related Scripture lesson

Our lessons are written for high school students or college students taking an introductory economics course. Each lesson is independent of the others, so a student may acquire one or all of the lessons.  Presently we offer 35 lessons. We plan to combine the lessons into a text. (Higher Rock lesson catalog) Please subscribe to our newsletter if you are interested in being notified when a new lesson is added to our curriculum. 

We look forward to doing our small part by providing free economic lessons world-wide. We hope educating today's youth in economics and Christian principles will promote a better understanding and cooperation between different cultures.

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