Our lessons benefit students who are taking an economics course and would like additional help, or would like to go more in depth.

  • Students work at their own pace.
  • Engaging videos and interactive exercises help students grasp and retain difficult economic concepts.
  • Explanations of all the review questions help students learn from their mistakes.
  • Students gain access to a valuable resource when writing a paper.
  • Our lessons assist in clarifying economic concepts taught in another course.
  • Access to all lessons is free for everyone.
  • We ask that you consider a tax deductible donation if you benefit from the material and/or support our mission.

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User Benefits:


  • Students enjoy the funny videos and interactive exercises. The articles provide relevance to economics.
  • Teachers benefit from being able to supplement the material they are already offering with engaging lessons.
  • Home School Teachers appreciate the structure and guidance provided in the lessons. They also value the inclusion of relevant Scripture lessons.
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