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"Higher Rock Education is committed to providing free economic education to develop global understanding, compassion, & economic literacy"

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Our passion…economics education. Our mission…to provide online, supplementary economics lessons to young adults, while fostering an appreciation for the relevance of Christianity and economic principles. Our goal…to make learning enjoyable and interesting. How...by providing interactive exercises, videos, text, and relevant articles. Our classroom…anywhere with an internet connection. Our market…teachers, homeschools, schools, and anyone else interested in understanding economics.

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Our Lessons Include:  
Scripture Lesson
Interactive Exercises
Supplemental Videos
Detailed Glossary of Economic Terms
Links to Relevant Articles and Resources
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  • Holiday Greetings from the US Economy - A Summary of Recent Economic Statistics

    Friday, December 02, 2016
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    Figures released in November point towards a continued improvement in the US economy. There was real economic growth, an increase in personal income, and a drop in unemployment with no alarm in inflation. MORE

  • Successful Brands: 11 Products that Became Nouns or Verbs

    Wednesday, November 30, 2016
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    You know a company has become an industry leader when the name of the company or product becomes a noun or verb people use to describe a good or service. In other cases, companies have created and trademarked products that we use as the common term for a good even if a substitute is made by another company. Can you think of any others? MORE

  • Pilgrim Thanksgiving - Lessons Learned from the Pilgrim Economy

    Wednesday, November 23, 2016
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    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is a time when most of us give “Thanksâ€and#157; for what matters most. Family, friends, food…our country…and our God. Most of us give thanks every day. Perhaps we say “Thank youâ€and#157; to a kind stranger, or a customer. I take so much for granted, but Thanksgiving gives me pause to consider just how blessed I am. MORE


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